Parent Power

Waimairi School Parent Teacher Association (PTA) continue to power ahead with their dual roles of building community and supporting the development of our school. We are only half way through the year but it is already time to take stock of the investment in the school that has flowed from everyone's support of PTA activities.

$50,000.00 invested in the wonderful new junior playground.
$3000.00 upgrading our courts and sports equipment.
$5000.00 to establish our school community FM radio station (more info later on this).
$3000.00 for classroom wet day games and activities. this space as we are currently working on providing some really challenging outdoor play space and equipment and starting to equip our classrooms with data projectors all driven by PTA parent power.

Thanks to the PTA team and all of the school community members who support their fund raising initiatives.


  1. word on the street is that the Radio Station is for one class only... is this correct?

  2. Far from correct. Whole school, whole community.
    Rm 16 are doing the intial setup and will provide the training for everyone to participate.

    There are a couple of weeks more prep' work for the Room 16 kids to do and we can then show the whole school how things will work and get underway.

    Very exciting.

  3. Awesome! That's great news :)

  4. Such a great support to us as teachers really does make a difference. Thanks from the staff!