A nice story from the school-yard

Dear Mike,

I thought you might like to hear a little story about the friendship seat.

My daughter made a new friend on Monday which came as a surprise to me and the other wee girls mother as they are different ages - xx nearly 6 yrs and xx 7 years old - and don't have a classroom or river in common.

When xx asked her mother and I if xx could go to her house that day to play we both said that was O.K but we were both wondering how this friendship had started - there was no common thread.

When I asked xx later that day about it she told me -

"Well, the friends that I was playing with went away and I waited and waited for them to come back but they didn't. So I went and sat on the friendship seat (she said this so matter of factly as if it was the obvious thing to do) and then xx came over and sat with me. I told xx what had happened with my friends and she said that she hated it when that happened to her. So then we decided to be friends"

I thought that this was something that I should pass on as I thought that it was a lovely demonstration of the school culture.

Kind regards

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  1. this is so cute. i also have a story like this but not a friendship seat. my friend since kids we always share bikes. :) its nostalgic just be remembering how we all met that day.

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