Post-quake, walking the walls with even more admiration for our teaching team

I walk the walls. It is a part of our curriculum review process. But it is much more than that. This term, more than any other before, it has moved me.

In any regular term I always end up looking at the pictures and thinking "wow, I love working with these people." But this term I have to admit to a few tears flowing as I looked at the picture collections.

These teachers are quake-weary, tired and doing all they can to hold together emotionally affected children and families. And... dealing with their own wrecked homes and jangled nerves.

Yet they are delivering a stunning term of learning. Better than before.

Every teacher in every class is here, plus some of our learning support staff. (Missing the afternoon programme pics because time keeps robbing me of the chance to grab them on camera).

Snapped in the first part of the term (front loading) look here

and the second part of term, applying the front-loaded knowledge before children fly with their own inquiring questions.  Look here.

The wall pictures only tell a small part of a learning story, photos of walls don't show the rich learning experiences in action, but looking at these pics I am in awe of a teaching team working in a disaster hit city.

I love the close detail learning obtained from the simple things like the autumn leaves, the dirt in the garden and the clouds in the sky. The interactive learning centres and the children's voice screaming out.

Can't say much more.