Good to meet

Two weeks of parent/student/teacher meetings are over. Thanks to our wonderful teachers for making themselves available at a variety of times so that as many parents and students as possible could take part.

We all enjoy being able to meet with you and your children to talk in-depth about our core business - your child's learning.

When parents AND children join with the teachers in meetings such as these we are helping the children to see that school is all about them and their learning.
- That all of the adults in their lives communicate with each other.
- That we all love to celebrate their progress and we must always set new goals and challenges to keep the learning momentum going.

This is why we like to have children at the interviews, they doesn't quite mean as much when children are not in the room with us contributing to the process. For some Waimairi classes and families this is a new development, we would love your feedback (add a comment below).

Our next formal reporting point for this school year is a written report, sent home late in Term 3. You should however make contact with your child's teacher well before that if you have a question or would like to follow up on any aspect of your child's learning.

We would also like feedback on our trial of the online interview booking system, share your thoughts with us.


  1. I thought the online interview booking system was great, as it gave us good control to be very specific as we booked - some minor issues accessing but got over this.
    RE children at interviews - I have a Year 2 boy, he has attended one interview and seemed quite embarrassed by the focus of attention on him, becoming quite clingy and non-communicative. For him at least, at this stage, I do not believe he benefits from being included. We discussed this latest interview with him in advance, checking what he wanted us to talk to his teacher about (he was still not very comfortable even with this). We were also able to discuss issues not appropriate to discuss in his presence (embarrassment factor). Every child is different, and what works for one may not suit another.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to post your feedback. A good reminder that in all matters involving children (and adults) one size does not fit all.

  3. Just wanted to let you know that being able to book an interview time online with Oscars teacher was incredibly easy and stress free. I did not feel like I had to ‘catch’ her . It was great to see all the available timeslots and I would definitely like to repeat this next year.

    Thanks a lot and have a good day,

  4. I 3rd the online booking system -worked really well - hopefully it saved some admin for the staff :)

  5. Have to agree with all the other comments - the online booking system was fantastic for us too. We are a separated family so being able to look and book and ensure that we had appointments with both teachers (two children @ school!) made it very simple. I would love to see this rolled out as a permanent change.