Go Go Go Waimairi Teams

A nice email from a grandparent...

"Congratulations to Waimairi school netball teams .I only watch the c team as my grandaughter plays in it but I am so impressed with following:-

1.The ability of the team ...they have won all their games so far.

2.The teacher coach of the c team.I admire her skills and efforts that she puts into the team.She is not only great with the team she has a great knowledge of netball and her refering skills are outstanding.She needs a pat on the back.

3.The uniform that the girls wear and the school has provided is fantastic."

...reminds me of the positive impact that sideline support of our sports teams can have. The kids love us being there and it is very rewarding for those of us watching the games.

You can find the location of our Friday afternoon games here.

Wrap up warm and head out to the fields to make some noise in support of our kids.

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  1. Yes indeed - my daughter is in the C team also and I think that Jacqui is an excellent coach. I watched her ref a game recently and was very impressed about the way she coached both teams when she was reffing. It was wonderful to see her calling someone up for something, and then taking the time to explain what they'd done, and how to do it differently next time.
    The team & the coach made me so proud to be a Waimairi parent.