The books we buy more than once

A colleague recently asked me for a list of 'good education related' books to read over the summer break. When I looked through my office and home bookshelves I found that the books that I instinctively wanted to recommend to him were all book titles that I have had to buy more than once.

They are books that are just such a good read, with such a good message, that they become the ones you lend to people, never to be seen again. They are the keepers. The person you lend it to keeps it.

Keeper books stand out from most others in your book collection because you actually notice that you have lost your copy of them when you find yourself wanting to refer to them time after time.

This time I have sent him a list rather than given him my copy of them. I am sure that they will become keepers in his collection.

What are your 'keeper' titles? The books you have repurchased ( in my case sometimes up to four times).
Here are some of mine.

The Hidden Lives of Learners
Graham Nuthall
MUST READ and then re-read. Then lend to someone and don't expect to get it back.
The Big Picture: Education is Everyone's Business
Dennis Littkey.
An absolutely wonderful book, I have lost track of the number of copies I have bought, lent and lost.
A Framework for Understanding Poverty
Ruby Payne
Pretty essential for teachers in all schools I reckon.
Discipline, Democracy and Diversity
Angus MacFarlane
Gotta love Angus and his thinking.
The Kiss and the Ghost: Sylvia Ashton Warner & New Zealand
Jones & Middleton
a couple of 'keeper' videos to round it all off..
The Song of the Bird

Elwyn Richardson
and... Sylvia Ashton Warner (in three parts)

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