Arise Sir Peter

I salute Sir Peter Leitch. I was listening to the car radio on way home tonight and heard him being interviewed. He reminded the audience that he still does not know his times tables or alphabet.

I remember sitting with him in the studio green room waiting to go on a TV show with him a few years back and getting the sharp end of his tongue because he mis-understood a comment I made about dyslexia. With millions of dollars in the bank and success in so many areas of his life the ability to be wounded by a school principal was still evident.

What is it about schools, and those of us who work in them, that we can such inflect emotional pain (that is life-long pain) on the people we are meant to care for? See my older post about Michael Hill.

Anyway - go Peter! You are an inspiration for many youngsters for whom school is not the be-all and end-all in life. And you offer those of us who work in schools a very worthy challenge - value all children, not just those who shine in the 3Rs.


  1. Here, here I second that. Go the diesel kids and adults of this world.

  2. You are so right about the hurt inflicted by teachers and that it is a life long hurt. Many members of my family have varying forms of dyslexia (I even have trouble pronouncing it on some days!) starting with my mother who still remembers her first day with fear. I am a teacher and still struggle daily with my own "differences". We really do need to look at the whole child, build on their strengths and give them exciting, positive learning experiences that will make them enjoy being life long learners. There is not one golden bullet that can do that. Not even National Standards... Do you hear me laughing? No, probably not. it's all to sad. Thanks Mike, it's nice to know that there are educators that think as you do.