Junior class sizes

Class sizes in the junior school.

Unexpected roll growth has lifted junior class numbers higher than we would like them to be. We would like to act quickly to address this issue. This letter is to inform you about how we intend to meet the needs of children in our NE/Year 1/Year 2 classes. (Rms 3,5,6,10,14 and 20) NB this will not include any children from Rm 1.

Our Board of Trustees is supporting us by resourcing a new Year 1/2 class. This class will be taught by Delwyn McGrath and be based in Room 4 and will be part of the Hurunui River team for the rest of this year.

Mrs McGrath will be teaching this group of children in the mornings from week 8 of this term (23 March) to lower numbers in all Year 1 and 2 classes at literacy and numeracy time. She will commence full time teaching of this new class in term 2.

We will be putting together the new Room 4 as a well balanced, functioning class with the same range of abilities and needs found in any other room.

Teachers will be contacting families of children being considered for the new Room 4. You will have a choice, we will not move children from their current rooms against your wishes.

The Year 1 and 2 team are meeting on Monday afternoon to consider the composition of Room 4 and will be in contact with you if applicable.

As in previous years another two junior classes will be established, one around Queens Birthday weekend and another as new entrant numbers demand it later in the year.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

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