A levels playing field

If my child is a Year 4 student and in a Year 3 & 4 class how on earth can his teacher cover his Year 4 work and also teach the Year 3 kids their Year 3 work?

A common question with a fairly straightforward answer. There is no Year 3 curriculum, Year 6 curriculum or Year 1 curriculum for that matter.

During their time at primary school children work towards attaining skills and knowledge at three levels of achievement. By the end of Year 2 we are looking for attainment at level 1, by the end of Year 4 attainment at level 2 and by the end of Year 6 attainment at level 3. You can see from the chart above that it is a two-year journey for most children between levels.

Most children in Year 1/2 and 3/4 and 5/6 are working at the towards the same level. This is why we take advantage of composite classes to allow us to group children who will work best together. There are, of course, children who develop much faster or much slower. This is why we group classes together in vertical teams, tribes or rivers. With synchronised timetables within a team containing all age groups children can work with the teacher and children, at certain times of the day, best matching their needs in key subject areas such as maths, reading and writing. During the next few months some of our teachers will begin trialling this new flexibility with groups of children.

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