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We hope to see as many parents as possible on Wednesday 10 December at 6:00 pm so we can share with you details of class layouts, learning programmes and answer any questions you have about Waimairi ’09.

We will be sending 2009 class placements home on Thursday 11 December.

...and what about the survey?

Thanks to the many families who completed our curriculum survey. The results have been collated and are due to be presented to the Board of Trustees (BOT) at the next BOT meeting on Monday 15th December. The BOT will then be in a position to give the school management and staff a clear set of direction and expectation statements to take to the two day staff retreat in January. The retreat is the start of the formal Waimairi Curriculum development programme for 2009. Collated survey results will be sent home in the week of the 15th and will also be made available on the website at that time.

Those of you who were at the community curriculum workshop and have asked to be part of the email reference group will also be engaged on discussions on the survey results soon after the BOT meeting on December 15th. If you would like to join this reference group simply email me to join the mailing list.

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